Lead Times

Single finish orders should expect 3 to 5 day turn around, depending on workload

Multi-finish, or jobs requiring masking will typically require 2 to 3 additional days and a $150.00 minimum.

Pricing (varies and subject to change)

​Minimum Charge on Tin, Tin/Lead, and Passivaton: $80.00

Minimum Charge on Hot Tin & Hot Solder Dip: $100.00

Minimum Charge on Electroless Nickel: $150.00

​Certification Charge: $5.00

​Contact us for quotes & more pricing information.

Expedite Fees*

(fees shown are minimums and may vary depending on workload)

1) Same Day: $100 or 100% of regular price (whichever is higher)

2) Next Day: $75 or 25% of regular price (whichever is higher)

3) Rush: $75 (depending on workload)

TPI will confirm as to whether we can meet expedite requests, and appropriate charge will be applied.

*Parts must arrive at or before 9am and account payment status must be current to guarantee expedite.

Questions regarding expediting jobs can be sent to kanderson@techplating.com or contact Kevin Anderson at (763) 424-6624