Tin Plating is used to protect against corrosion and is used extensively with ferrous and nonferrous surfaces. Tin is a useful metal for the food processing industry since it is non-toxic, ductile and corrosion resistant. The excellent ductility of tin also allows a tin coated substrate to be formed into a variety of shapes without damaging the plating. It provides excellent protection for copper, nickel and other non-ferrous metals. Tin plating is provided in two general types of deposits: bright tin and matte tin. Both can be obtained from an alkaline or acidic bath and both are electrolytically applied. Acidic chemistries are most commonly used today. For substrates alloyed with zinc, it is generally recommended to apply a barrier of nickel or copper to prevent zinc migration into the tin deposit.

 TPI specializes in Electrolytic Bright and Matte Tin plating with rack, barrel, and Reel to Reel processes.


  • AMS 2408
  • MIL-T-10727
  • ASTM B545
  • Custom Specifications